Scientific projects
  1. RFBR project No. 20-57-7804 “Multifunctional Lung-on-Chip using acoustoelectronic elements for the study of viral diseases and the repurposing of antiviral drugs” (2021-2023). Head: Anisimkin V.I.
  2. RFBR project 20-57-18012 “Investigation of the deposition of Langmuir-Blodgett nanobiofilms and their interaction with various types of acoustic waves in piezoelectric structures” (2021-2022). Head: Gorbachev I.A.
  3. RFBR project No. 20-37-70021 “New generation hybrid sensors based on gas-sensitive films of various types and acoustoelectronic technologies” (2019-2021). Head: Smirnov A.V.
  4. RSF project 21-49-00062-NSFC Study of the characteristics of liquid suspensions using acoustoelectronic technologies and development of a new generation of sensors. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  5. RSF project 20-19-00708 Investigation of phase transitions in liquid media using acoustoelectronic methods and development of new sensors of physical quantities on this basis. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  6. RSF project 18-49-08005-MOST Development, creation and research of new hybrid sensors based on nanoelectronic, acoustoelectronic and electrochemical technologies for biological applications. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  7. RSF project 19-07-00070 – a Backward acoustic waves in multilayer structures based on piezoelectrics and piezosemiconductors. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  8. RSF project 17-57-53101 – GFEN_a Propagation of piezoactive acoustic waves in contact with various types of surface load. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  9. RSF project 17-307-50007-mol_nr Development of new principles for creating printed electrode structures for acoustoelectronic biological and chemical sensors. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  10. RSF project 16-07-00629-a Backward acoustic waves in piezoelectric and piezosemiconductor plates and analysis of the possibility of developing a new electronic component base based on them. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  11. RFBR project 13-02-00596-a Study of the anomalous resistive-acoustic effect for acoustic waves in piezoelectric structures. Head: Kuznetsova I.E.
  12. RFBR 18-57-7802-Ital_t Innovative integrated microsystems for hybrid energy generation. Head: Kolesov V.V.
  13. RFBR 18-29-23042-mk Development of fundamental principles for the creation of metabolic energy converters with an electronic converter and a system for delivering electrical power to a consumer device. Head: Kolesov V.V.
  14. RFBR 16-07-00933-а Development and research of charge-sensitive nanoelectronic sensors for biosensor information systems. Head: Kolesov V.V.
  15. RFBR 13-07-00979-a Development and research of ionistors based on nanocarbon materials for creating power supplies for microelectronic equipment. Head: Kolesov V.V.
  16. RSF Project No. 19-79-00173 “Investigation of the sensory properties of films from the mycelium of basidiomycetes using acoustic waves of various types.” Head: Smirnov A.V.
  17. Project No. MK-1503.2020.8 “Modeling, development and research of systems for collecting and converting background electromagnetic energy from the environment based on broadband fractal structures with programmable frequency-selective properties” Council under the President of the Russian Federation to support young scientists with PhDs. Head: Smirnov A.V.
  18. Project No. 20-37-70021-Stability “New generation hybrid sensors based on various types of gas sensitive films and acoustoelectronic technologies” of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).
  19. Project No. 19-07-00145-a “Flexible piezoelectric structures for a new generation of acoustoelectronic devices” of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). Head: Smirnov A.V.
  20. Winner of the competition for a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation to young scientists and graduate students carrying out promising research and development in priority areas of modernization of the Russian economy (Personal grant). Registration number SP-677.2015.4. Grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation. Head: Smirnov A.V.
  21. RSF project 20-19-00708 “Investigation of phase transitions in liquid media using acoustoelectronic methods and development of new sensors of physical quantities on this basis” Russian Science Foundation (RSF).
  22. RSF project No. 16-19-10033 “Research and development of field sources of electrons with an average current density of at least 100 A/cm^2 for use in high-power microwave EVP” Russian Science Foundation (RSF).
  23. RSF project No. 15-19-20046-P “Development of new generation sensor technologies based on piezoelectric acoustoelectronic waveguide structures, composite nanostructured materials and thin-film coatings” Russian Science Foundation (RSF).
  24. Project No. 18-29-23042-mk “Development of fundamental principles for the creation of metabolic energy converters with electronic