CAS CAUW-220D – High Performance Balance

Laboratory studies of the mass of various substances and substances. The scales that have been identified are among the most significant and most frequent among the classes of laboratory weight measurements. The measuring principle of the CAS CAUW series scales is based on electromagnetic ventilation, which requires a fast response of the sensor under increased load, increased sharpness and reduced weight.

Max load 82/220 g
Accuracy 0,01/0,1 mg

Key Features:

  • Double weighing range
  • Sample tare
  • Percentage weighting
  • Summing mode
  • Dosing regimen
  • Zero indicates a case of closing on an empty platform
  • Automatic measurement sensitivity when using the environment
  • Calibration at user defined times Built-in calibration weight

Manufacturer: CAS Corporation, Seoul, South Korea

Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer Photocor Compact-Z

Photocor Compact-Z is a device for measuring particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight. An important feature of the Photocor Compact-Z model is the ability to measure the zeta potential.


Measuring range Размер частиц: Particle size: 0.5 nm to 10 µm (diameter)  Diffusion coefficient: 10-5 … 10-10 cm2/s
Sample volume In assay measurement of sample sizes: 50 µl to 4 ml (in assay measurement of zeta potential: 1 ml to 2 ml)
Scattering angles 20°, 90°, 160°  (for measuring concentrated dispersions)
Laser Thermally stabilized semiconductor laser: 638 nm, 25 mW
Thermostat Temperature range: 5°С – 90°С, error 0.1°С (thermoelectric module)

Manufactorer: ООО «Фотокор», Moscow, Russia

Tektronix TTR506A Portable USB Network Analyzer

Network analyzer application The network analyzer is used to measure the linear characteristics of RF components and devices such as: antennas, feeders, waveguides, filters, attenuators, amplifiers, frequency converters and many other components that are used in the RF domain. Another application of network analyzers is the measurement of dielectric constant, quality factor and loss tangent of various substances and, due to these properties, analyzers are used to measure grain moisture, oil quality and many other important parameters in the medical, chemical and food industries.

TTR500 Tektronix Key Performance Features
Operating frequency range – TTR506A (100 kHz to 6 GHz)
Dynamic range – not less than 122 dB
Output level -50 dBm to +7 dBm
Noise graph – no more than 0.008 dB rms.

Manufacturer: Tektronix, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

4339B High resistance meter

The Keysight 4339B High Resistance Meter is the most versatile instrument for accurate high resistance measurements. The test sequence programming function allows automated resistance measurements (charge-measure-discharge). For measuring the parameters of materials or components, a wide range of test fixtures are available.

Measuring range

  • 103 Ω to 1,6·1016 Ω

Measurement speed

  • From 10 ms per measurement

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, California, USA

VolgoBot A4 PRO 3D printer

A 3D printer with a thermal chamber that allows you to print large functional products without the accumulation of internal stresses and the formation of cracks. All mechanical elements are protected from high temperatures due to the fact that they are placed in a cold zone. Water cooling allows you to get the maximum printing temperature of 450 ℃. Table and extruders – high temperature. Also, the printer is equipped with two extruders, which allows you to print in two colors, or print soluble supports to create complex shapes.

Manufacturer: VolgoBot, Volgograd, Russia

Agilent E5061B – Electrical Network Analyzer

The Agilent E 5061B Multifunction Benchtop RLC Electrical Network Analyzer is designed for general measurements in the design and maintenance of a variety of electrical and radio systems, operating in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz.

Functionality of the Agilent E 5061B RLC Meter

  • S-parameter test port, 5 Hz to 3 GHz, with a wide dynamic range of 120 dB at frequencies > 1 MHz, 90 dB at frequencies < 100 Hz;
  • port for testing the amplitude-phase characteristics, from 5 Hz to 30 MHz, selectable input impedance 1 MΩ/50 Ω;
  • 0 to 40 V bias tees that can be added to AC test signals (at S-parameter and phase-to-amp test ports) or used as a swept DC voltage source;
  • Compact, 254mm deep chassis that doesn’t take up much desk space.

Manufacturer: Keysight Technologies, Santa Rosa, California, USA

Anritsu VectorStar MS4644A Vector Network Analyzer

The Anritsu VectorStar MS4644A vector network analyzer is designed to measure the radiophysical properties of materials and parameters of electrical circuits in a wide frequency range of the continuous spectrum. Designed to measure the reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient of RF and microwave radiation by physical objects and materials using the horn method.

Frequency range from 40 GHz to 10 MHz.

Manufacturer: Anritsu Corporation, Kanagawa, Japan

Voltmeter universal electrometric V7E-42

Voltmeter V7E-42 is designed to measure direct currents, voltages, charges and resistances. The V7-42E voltmeter allows you to connect up to 16 signal sources simultaneously or separately.

The main technical characteristics of the device V7E-42:

Physical quantity Measuring range
Current 10-15 … 0.1 А
Voltage 5‧10-5 … 200 V
Charge 5‧10-16 … 10-5 C
Resistance 1… 1018 Ω

Input impedance 1015 Ω.

Manufacturer: OJSC “Minsk Instrument-Making Plant”, Minsk, Belarus

Compact low temperature chamber UC-20CE

Chamber for climatic and thermal testing.

  • Temperature range: от -60 до +150 °C.
  • Temperature non-uniformity by volume in the steady-state thermal regime is not more than 4 °C.
  • Useful volume: 20 l.
  • Temperature accuracy in steady state: 0.2 °C.

Manufacturer: TERCHY, Nantou, Taiwan

Laser confocal microscope LEXT OLS5000

The laser microscope is used to study surface morphology down to the nanometer scale. Allows you to get a 3D image of the sample surface and measure such parameters as surface roughness, average thicknesses and geometric dimensions of structural elements located on the surface.

Three sample observation methods:

  • color three-dimensional confocal (real-color confocal)
  • high-resolution three-dimensional confocal (high-resolution confocal)
  • 3D view using height data (height data)

Manufacturer: Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Agilent E4980A Precision LCR Meter

  • Operating frequency range from 20 Hz to 2 MHz, resolution 4 decimal places at any limit
  • Basic measurement uncertainty of 0.05% with excellent repeatability at the lower and upper limits of the impedance measurement
  • High speed measurements: 5.6 ms • Test signal 20 Vac RMS
  • Built-in 40 VDC bias voltage supply
  • DC bias source up to 40A with external DC source 42841A
  • Measurement function with 201 point list sweep

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, California, USA

Model 130 Profiler

designed to measure the parameters of the profile and roughness according to the centerline system according to GOST 25142-82. The operation of the device is based on the principle of feeling the irregularities of the measured surface with a probe (diamond needle) in the process of moving the inductive sensor along the measured surface and the subsequent conversion of the resulting mechanical oscillations of the probe into a digital signal.

The standard probe included with the 130 profilometer has a measurement range of 250 µm. The sensor allows you to work inside holes with a diameter of more than 3 mm at a depth of up to 20 mm, and inside holes with a diameter of more than 10 mm – at a depth of up to 100 mm. The radius of the tip of the diamond probe needle is 10 µm. The needle has a long service life and a non-scratching force of 4mN.

Manufacturer: JSC “Plant PROTON”, Russia

Scanning Probe Microscope Ntegra Prima

Allows you to study the morphology of the sample using atomic force and tunneling microscopy. The scanning head of the microscope is located in a vacuum chamber, which provides research in medium and high vacuum conditions. The presence of active and passive vibration protection allows to achieve high measurement accuracy. The presence of a specialized measuring head makes it possible to measure the morphology of objects in a liquid medium. Allows you to implement the following measurement methods:

  • Atomic force microscopy (contact, non-contact and semi-contact modes): study of sample surface morphology.
  • Magnetic force microscopy: the study of the distribution of the magnetic moment over the surface of the sample.
  • Kelvin probe method: measurement of the surface potential distribution (contact potential difference) over the sample surface.
  • Piezoresponse force microscopy: The SMF technique is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect, which consists in a linear relationship between the electric field and mechanical deformation.
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy: study of the morphology of conductive samples. Allows you to get an image with atomic resolution. It also makes it possible to obtain tunnel current-voltage characteristics of samples.

Manufacturer: CJSC Nanotechnology MDT, Moscow, Russia

Scriber for ceramic, silicon and glass substrates

cutting length 200mm

T70 UV Vis Spectrophotometer

The T70 is a high performance split beam spectrophotometer available in fixed (2 nm) or variable (0.5, 1, 2.5 nm) spectral bandwidth. This spectrophotometer can perform photometric measurements, spectrum scanning, DNA/protein quantitation and analysis. Spectral range 190-1100 nm.

Manufacturer: PG Instruments, Wibtoft, UK

Universal laboratory IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 1202

The spectrometer is used for quantitative analysis and quality control of products in the chemical, petrochemical, fuel, pharmaceutical, food and perfume industries, for environmental control, forensic and other types of examinations.


  • Spectral range 400-7800 cm-1
  • Spectral resolution 0,5 cm-1
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (measurement time 1 min in the interval 2100-2200 cm-1 and a resolution of 4 cm-1) > 20 000
  • The minimum acquisition time for one full spectrum is less than 1 s
  • Beam splitter – Ge-coated KBr
  • Radiation source – high-temperature ceramic-metal
  • Detector – pyro receiver LiTaO3

Manufacturer: IR Fourier spectrometer model FSM 1202 was produced by Monitoring LLC and Infraspek LLC (St. Petersburg) from 1999 to 2016.

Installing maskless lithography SMART PRINT

The laser lithography system allows you to work without a photomask and has been specially designed for research centers and small-scale production. On the installation of maskless lithography of the SmartPrint Standard model, you can work both in the micron and nanometer ranges. The maskless lithography system allows you to work with 76, 100 mm plates and 60 x 48 substrates.

The minimum pixel size is 2 µm.

Manufacturer: Microlight3D, La Tronche, France

Installation for the formation and study of monolayers by the Langmuir-Blodgett method Nima KSV KN-2001

The Nima KSV KN-2001 installation for the formation and study of monolayers by the Langmuir-Blodgett method is designed to form thin monomolecular films at the water-air interface and transfer them to solid substrates. Allows you to create highly structured films from amphiphilic (surfactants) and polymer molecules, hydrophobic micro- and nanoparticles. It has an electrode section that allows you to study the properties of monolayers under the action of an electric field.

Manufacturer: KSV NIMA, Espoo, Finland

Resist centrifuge Sawatec SM-180-BT

Designed to form thin films of polymer solutions or colloidal nanoparticles by centrifugation.

  • Rotation speed 0-10’000 rpm, rotation accuracy +/-1 per 6000 rpm
  • Acceleration 80-500 rad/s2

Manufacturer: SAWATEC AG, Sennwald, Switzerland

Вакуумный универсальный пост ВУП-5

Предназначен для получения пленок из различных материалов с высокой производительностью методом магнетронного распыления, а также для подготовки объектов, исследуемых с помощью электронного микроскопа или других аналитических приборов.

Технические характеристики

Предельное остаточное давление в рабочем объеме, Pa:

  • с диффузионным насосом и азотной ловушкой – 2×10-4
  • с турбомолекулярным насосом – 6×10-4

Диаметр мишени магнетрона 40 мм

Блок питания DC магнетрона:

  • напряжение 1100 В
  • ток, мА   300

Блок питания высоковольтный:

  • напряжение 7 кВ
  • ток 50 мА

Блок термического испарения:

  • первый испаритель, ток 200 А
  • второй испаритель, ток 100 А

Температура нагрева подложки 350 °C

Скорость вращения подложки 5 — 15 rpm

Производитель: ОАО «СЭЛМИ», Сумы, Украина

Измеритель LCR параметров Agilent 4285A

• Диапазон частот: от 75 кГц до 30 МГц с шагом 100 Гц
• Основная погрешность 0,1% с разрешением 0,001 нГн
• Коррекция ошибок с использованием мер ХХ/КЗ/согласованной нагрузки и коррекция длины кабеля (1/2 м)
• Смещение напряжения постоянного тока ±40 В
• Смещение силы постоянного тока 10 A  с внешним источником постоянного тока 42841A
• Измерения с возможностью свипирования по списку
• Интерфейсы манипулятора и сканера

Производитель: Agilent Technologies, Санта-Клара, Калифорния, США

Анализатор цепей векторный Обзор-TR1300/1

  • Диапазон частот от 0,3 до 1300 МГц
  •  Измеряемые параметры S11, S21
  •  Динамический диапазон измерения модуля коэффициента передачи более 130 дБ
  •  Минимальное время измерения на одной частоте 150 мкс
  •  Диапазон регулирования выходной мощности от -55 дБм до +3 дБм

Производитель: ООО “ПЛАНАР”, Челябинск, Россия

Электроизмерительный стенд KEITHLEY

Пикоамперметр/источник питания KEITHLEY 6487 предназначен для измерения малых токов (от 20 фА) с высоким разрешением и обладает высокой скоростью измерения и надежностью в эксплуатации. В то же время, прибор может измерять и значительно более высокие значения токов (до 20 мА), что существенно увеличивает его область применения, например, для анализа датчиков с токовым выходом 4…20 мА. Также, Keithley 6487 имеет встроенный источник питания с выходным напряжением от 200 мкВ до 505 В, который может быть задействован при измерении сопротивления. В отличие от большинства мультиметров, которые при измерении используют схему шунтирования, в модели Keithley 6487 применена схема обратной связи. Это позволило снизить падение напряжения в измеряемой цепи, создаваемое прибором, до 200 мкВ.

Источник-Измеритель KEITHLEY 6430. Модель 6430 снабжена сверхточным двунаправленным дистанционным предусилителем (PreAmP) соединенного с базовым комплексом через 2-х метровый кабель. Отличительной особенностью источника/Измерителя KEITHLEY SourceMeter® 6430 является работа в режиме измерения и генерации тока в диапазоне от 1 пА до 100 мА и измерение сопротивления в диапазоне свыше 20 ТОм.

Производитель: Keithley Instruments, Кливленд, Огайо, США

Сканирующий электронный микроскоп JSM-6460

  • Разрешение (режим высокого вакуума) – 4,0 нм
  • Изображение во вторичных электронах
  • Изображение в отраженных электронах, увеличение – от х5 до х300000
  • Ускоряющее напряжение – от 0,3 кВ до 30 кВ
  • Столик образцов – эвцентрического типа, X: 125 мм, Y: 100 мм, Z: 5…80 мм, наклон: -10…+90 C, поворот: 360 C  компьютерный контроль по 5 осям
  • Система откачки – высокий вакуум; низкий вакуум

Производитель: Tokio Boeku JEOL, Токио, Япония

Одночастотный CW DPSS лазер SSP-SLM-671-U-100-3-FDATC01-AT

Основные характеристики:

  • длина волны 671 нм
  • мощность ≥ 100 мВт
  • стабильность мощности ≤ 3%
  • ширина спектральной линии ≤ 0,00001 нм
  • амплитудные шумы ≤ 1 (20 Гц-20 МГц)
  • диаметр пучка 0,70±0,05 мм
  • M2≤1,2
  • радиатор TC-01 с блоком питания
  • аттенюатор

Производитель: CNI Laser (Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd.), Чанчунь, Китай