Project “New generation hybrid sensors based on gas-sensitive films of various types and acoustoelectronic technologies”

Project № 20-37-70021

«New generation hybrid sensors based on gas-sensitive films of various types and acoustoelectronic technologies»

In the course of the work on the project, the optimal technological parameters for the formation of monolayers of phthalocyanines by the Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) method were selected, in which a stable monolayer with reproducible properties is formed. Figure 1 shows the images of the film, before (a) and after (b) the optimization process, obtained using an atomic force microscope.

Figure 1. AFM image of a phthalocyanine film before and after optimization of the technological parameters of the film formation process

The installation for the deposition of monolayers by the LB method was modernized: a new chemically resistant bath, barriers, and an electrode section were manufactured and installed, with the help of which it became possible to study the formation of monolayers and LB films under the action of an electric field.

Figure 2. Process unit (a) before, (b) after modernization.

The process of formation and properties of two-component monolayers of metal (iron) phthalocyanine and metal nanoparticles (cobalt) formed in separate technological cycles, graphene oxide, fullerenes, and molecular oragnometallic clusters were studied. The influence of light of different wavelengths on the electrophysical properties of the obtained LB films was studied.

Samples of tin dioxide films were created and methods for modifying their structure and composition were developed in order to achieve greater selectivity with respect to the target gases. In particular, the influence of the technological parameters of the spraying process on the grain size of the film was studied and their optimal ratio was revealed. Figure 3 shows a micrograph obtained using a scanning electron microscope.

Figure 3. Micrograph of a tin dioxide film cleavage.

The prototypes of the sensor elements based on the acoustoelectronic delay line and the prototypes of the integrated planar electrode structures for studying the gas sensitivity of the LB films and tin dioxide films were developed and created.

Figure 4. Image (a) of the generated delay line based on surface acoustic waves with a frequency of 19.3 MHz; (b) prototypes of electrode structures obtained using a laser confocal microscope Olympus LEXT OLS 5000; and (c) a diagram and image of an automated measuring stand used to study the gas-sensitive properties of the developed prototype sensor elements. (1) clean air generator; (2) Brokhorst El-Flow meter; (3) Brokhorst El-Flow Prestige flow meter; (4), (5), (6) shut-off solenoid valves; (7) measuring chamber; (8) Tektronix TTR 506A vector network analyzer; (9) 3-channel controlled power supply; (10) personal computer with MOXA data acquisition board.

The goals and objectives of the project have been completed in full.


Participation in conferences as part of the work on the project for the reporting period:

1) 21st International school on condensed matter physics(ISCMP) “Progress and Perspectives in Functional Materials” August 31st – September 4th, 2020, Varna, Bulgaria. Устный доклад.

2) III All-Russian Acoustic Conference, 21-25 september, 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia. Oral presentation.

3) Saratov Fall Meeting (SFM’20). 8th International Symposium on Optics and Biophotonics. Conference on Low-Dimensional Structures Х. 28 сентября – 2 октября. Стендовый доклад.

4) XXXIV – International Scientific Conference Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Technology MMET-34 31 may – 04 june 2021 г., Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Oral presentation.


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