Project “Flexible piezoelectric structures for a new generation of acoustoelectronic devices”

Project No. 19-07-00145A “Flexible piezoelectric structures for a new generation of acoustoelectronic devices”

Head: A. V. Smirnov

The aim of the study was the development and development of flexible piezoelectric structures for a new generation of acoustoelectronic devices.
The main objectives of the project were:
  • – creation of flexible piezoelectric structures based on PVDF by the Langmuir
  • -Blodget method and study of their properties.
  • – creation of flexible structures based on Kapton or foil and piezoelectric films (both continuous and island) and study of their properties.
  • – development of new methods of receiving interdigital transducers for piezoelectric structures.
  • – creation of flexible acoustoelectronic devices on the basis of the developed sound-conductors and electrode structures and study of the properties of acoustic waves in them.
As a result of the project, flexible piezoelectric films based on the PVDF method were created. The technology of creating pathways suitable for creating planar protein structures (IDPs) on the surface of piezoelectric materials has been improved, and the corresponding nutritional structures have been printed. The morphological, structural and electrophysical characteristics of carbohydrate production have been investigated. The structure of the possibility of the mechanism of action of the mechanism of excitation of the laser coating of graphene oxide is shown. The properties of acoustic waves excited in delay lines arising on the created flexible piezoelectric films are investigated. The possibility of creating flexible piezoelectric structures based on aluminum foil, Kapton, and piezoelectric ZnO films (including island ones) has been investigated. Obtaining the action of the piezoelectric structure “ZnO film – Kapton film”. In this case, the ZnO film was characterized by a piezo constant d33 = 0.15pC / m (ZnO thickness – 1.4 μm). The technology of interdigital transformations (IDT) has been developed on: the surface of piezoelectric ZnO films (wavelength of formation of the delay line (LZ) 32, 64 and 128 μm), Kapton surface (wavelength LZ 32, 164, 240 and 500 μm), PVDF surface (LZ wavelength 600 and 1000 μm). A measuring stand has been created for researching the processes of excitation of acoustic waves by using the created IDTs. The properties of acoustic waves excited in delay lines based on the created flexible piezoelectric structures are investigated. For this, the calculation of the dependences of the phase velocities of A0, S0 and SH0 waves was made: in the Z-cut plate PVDF; for the structure “Kapton film (25 µm) – ZnO film (1.4 µm)”; for the structure “Kapton film (25 µm) – PVDF film (31.6 nm)” from the parameter hf. Certain frequency bands cause Lamb excitement and zero order transverse horizontal excitement in the delayed structures. Computer simulation of the delay based on the method of printed electrode structures of finite elements is carried out, and a good agreement of theoretical and experimental data is presented.
List of the most important publications on the project:
1. Kuznetsova I. E., Nedospasov I. A., Smirnov A. V., Qian Z. H., Wang B., Dai X. Y. Excitation and detection of evanescent acoustic waves in piezoelectric plates: Theoretical and 2D FEM modeling // Ultrasonics. – 2019. – T. 99. – P. 105961. IPF 2.598 (WOS Q2, Scopus Q1)
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