VolgoBot A4 PRO 3D printer

VolgoBot A4 PRO (VolgoBot, Russia) is a 3D printer with a thermal camera that allows you to print large functional products without the accumulation of internal stresses and the formation of cracks.

The printer is built on a rigid steel frame. In addition to a fairly large thickness (from 2 to 4 mm), a decisive factor is a large number of stiffening ribs that prevent deformation and thermal expansion, which is the most important for achieving high print quality.

All mechanical elements are protected from the effects of high temperatures due to the fact that they are taken out into the cold zone.

Water cooling achieves a maximum printing temperature of 450 ℃. The stage and extruders are high temperature.

Also, the printer is equipped with two extruders, which allows you to print in two colors, or print soluble supports to create complex shapes.