Universal electrometric voltmeter В7Э-42

Universal electrometric voltmeter В7Э-42

The В7Э-42 voltmeter is designed to measure direct currents, voltages, charges and resistances. Voltmeter В7-42Э allows you to connect simultaneously or separately up to 16 signal sources.

The В7Э-42 voltmeter provides for automatic selection of intent subranges, the ability to automatically compensate for background signals, mathematical processing of measured signal parameters using five programs, memorizing 20 measured values ​​for a programmable time interval, and calculating the error of the current measurement value.

В7Э-42 has an analog output for connecting a recorder or LF oscilloscope. A self-test mode is provided to facilitate troubleshooting during setup and repair. In the В7Э-42 device, errors are automatically corrected. It is used in laboratory and workshop conditions.

Main technical characteristics of the В7Э-42 device:

Physical quantity Measurement range
Current 10-15 … 0.1 А
Voltage 5‧10-5 … 200 V
Charge 5‧10-16 … 10-5 С
Resistance 1… 1018 Ohm

Input impedance 1015 Ohm.