Egor V. Golovanov













PhD student, Junior Research Fellow


Phone: 8-987-287-01-65

Education: Moscow, MITHT, Chemical Technology 2014; MIPT, applied mathematics and physics 2018.

Research interests: Research activities

Professional experience: from November 2020

Work at the institute: Engineer since November 2020, Junior Research Fellow since April 2021

Main scientific publications

  1. Smirnov A.V., Zaitsev B.D., Teplykh A.A., Nedospasov I.A., Golovanov E.V., Qian Z., Wang B., Kuznetsova I.E. The Experimental Registration of the Evanescent Acoustic Wave in YX LiNbO3 Plate//Sensors, 2021, v.21, p.2238, DOI: 10.3390/s21062238.